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"Select/Perform" without specifying field name

Question asked by landrew4 on Feb 16, 2011
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"Select/Perform" without specifying field name


I am trying to create a generic button for use with container fields where we store artifacts.  (The button allows for different functionality for web access vs. client access) Since I do not want a custom script for each field I use this with, I am trying to keep the field name out of the script.  Instead, I pass the Object Name of the the container field as script parameter.  This almost works fine.  It allows me to duplicate the button anywhere I need it, change the script parameter name, and use a single script.  There is only one problem - I need to do a "select/perform" to get it to open the linked file in the container (I can use other methods, but they are uglier).  My understanding is that if you use the "Go to Field" step and check the "select/perform" checkbox without specifying a field name, it should do a "select/perform" on the current field (which I set by using "Go to Object").  This does not work to open the linked file.  It does work if I use "Go to Field"check "select/perform", and specify the field name, but since I can't specify the field name by calculation (would be nice feature) this defeats the whole idea of a generic script.

Is there some other way to do a "select/perform" on the current field (simulate double-click to open linked file in a container field)?