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    "Send email" not working in Outlook for Mac 2011



      "Send email" not working in Outlook for Mac 2011


      I have called FileMaker and started a case 101110-000113.  They want me to pay for an issue I have verified on 3 computers and one computer being a fresh install of OS X 10.6.4, Outlook for Mac 2011 and FileMaker Pro 11.

      Basically when you go to [file/send/mail] fill out the form and then hit OK nothing happens if I have Outlook for Mac 2011 as my default email program. If I have Entourage or Apple Mail selected it creates a email and sends.  I have a direct contact to Microsoft Business Unit and they have NOT heard of any issues.

      Has anyone else seen this?  Anyone at FileMaker want to help with out paying for a actual bug??