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"Send Mail" feature help needed

Question asked by PhilCornish on Apr 7, 2014
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"Send Mail" feature help needed


     I am using (and have been using) the File/Send/Mail feature of FM Pro 11 along with MS Outlook 2010 and Windows 7 for a while now and it works, but not perfectly.  Would greatly appreciate help with the following, and I realize these might not be FMPro problems but Outlook (or Windows) but I'll ask anyways:

  •           All e-mail generated are text format...would prefer them to be HTML or Rich but can't see a way to specify that.  Any regular e-mail I send from within Outlook are already HTML or Rich, so this is specific to generating from FMPro.
  •           Every single e-mail generated prompts a threat warning which takes a few seconds to load.  When loaded I have to click "Allow" and then the next one starts.  This can really slow down a large mailing.  I have attached a screen grab of that warning.