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    "Send Mail" feature help needed



      "Send Mail" feature help needed


           I am using (and have been using) the File/Send/Mail feature of FM Pro 11 along with MS Outlook 2010 and Windows 7 for a while now and it works, but not perfectly.  Would greatly appreciate help with the following, and I realize these might not be FMPro problems but Outlook (or Windows) but I'll ask anyways:

      •           All e-mail generated are text format...would prefer them to be HTML or Rich but can't see a way to specify that.  Any regular e-mail I send from within Outlook are already HTML or Rich, so this is specific to generating from FMPro.
      •           Every single e-mail generated prompts a threat warning which takes a few seconds to load.  When loaded I have to click "Allow" and then the next one starts.  This can really slow down a large mailing.  I have attached a screen grab of that warning.



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               Send Mail only sends plain text--something that Filemaker really needs to improve on in a future version. Until/unless that changes, you may want to use a plug in for sending email that supports HTML formatting.

               I believe that there's a preference setting somewhere in Outlook that can disable this security dialog, but I'm not sure how you go about making that change. Anyone else reading this know how to do that?