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"Set Field" With Criteria

Question asked by bivalve on Mar 4, 2009
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"Set Field" With Criteria


Hi - 


Here is what I have:


Table 1: "Employees", which includes the fields "Name" and "Salary".


Table 2: "Salary History", which includes the fields "Name", "Salary" and "Active".


(In Table 2, "Active" is a 0/1 binary field that indicates which record in "Salary" is the employee's present salary.)



And here what I would like:


I would like to set Table1:Salary equal to Table2:Salary, where Table2:Active = 1


The part that is giving me trouble is setting the "where" criteria; I'm new to Filemaker, and this step sems like it ought to be pretty simple, but I am having trouble figuring out how to do it. 



Many thanks for the assistance; it will be greatly appreciated!