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"SetField" function - trouble excluding two text values during find

Question asked by Lorette on Oct 14, 2010
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"SetField" function - trouble excluding two text values during find


I am attempting to create a report that excludes the following activity code records (DLAY & XTRA) for a selected project. I have to use the following code structure because the user dynamically selects their criteria on the previous layout.

Activity Code Field - potential values (ASSY, HAUL, DLAY, XTRA)

Below is what I have so far. I have verified the other lines of code function correctly.


Enter Find Mode

SetField(tblTimesheet::ProjectID; tblGlobalTable::globalField)

SetField(tblTimesheet::ActivityCode; not ("DLAY" or "XTRA"))  <--- this line is not working...

Perform Find

When the set activity code line is run, no records are returned.  There are other records (e.g HAUL) that should be returned. If I do not execute the activity code line, I receive the expected results (DLAY & HAUL).

The specify calculation states the calculated result must be text.  I think that is where the problem may be occuring.

Please assist. Thanks!