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"Sliding up" fields leaves extra blank page in PDF

Question asked by ryan9721 on Feb 25, 2011
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"Sliding up" fields leaves extra blank page in PDF


Hi all,

I've created a layout to display comments from multiple survey questions. Since the comments vary in length, I've made the fields much larger than (usually) needed and checked the box to "Remove blank space by: Sliding up based on: All objects above".

The layout spans 2 pages, but once the blank space is removed and the fields slide up the information is (usually) all contained on 1 page. However, the 2nd page still remains as a blank page in my exported PDF.

Is there a way for the fields to slide up and the 2nd page to be removed if it contains no information? All of the blank pages are a) annoying and b) a problem when printing for multiple records.