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    "sort" not working



      "sort" not working


           On a project details page I have several tasks in the task tab.

           No matter what I select in "sort records", the tasks stay in the same order. I want to sort by start date, then task name in ascending order.

           Is this a bug? am on filemaker 12.

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               Hi Claire

               It sounds like you may have a layout to your Project Details table, with a portal to Tasks? If so, 'Sorting Records' will only sort the records in the Project Details table 

               You'll need to set up a Portal Sort Order in the Portal setup - if this is in fact what you've got - a screen shot of the layout in Layout Mode would help ...

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                 Hi, yes I am using the starter solution for projects

                 here is a screen grab of the portal I would like to sort


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                   OK, in Layout Mode, select the portal - make sure that its 'handles' are displaying, then select Format | Portal Setup from the top menu bar, then you will have a dialogue box listing what table the records in your portal are coming from, Sort Order, Filter Order etc.

                   The Sort Order here operates as a normal Sort Records dialogue.

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                     got it, thank you!