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"Starter Solution" not working with imported data?

Question asked by TroyDurrance on Apr 9, 2014
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"Starter Solution" not working with imported data?


     After spending WAY too much time trying to create the perfect database, I've decided to just work with a 'starter solution' for now. 

Heres what I've done so far:
     I exported all of my client data from previous FM database.  Then imported it all into the new "Invoice - Starter Solution."  I made sure all the fields matched up perfectly during import.  All was fine.  Added about a dozen products to the Products table.  All was fine.  I can search and all fields are where they need to be.  That is all working fine.

The problem:
     I go back into the Customer table, it brings them up in list view. I click the Customer name, it takes me to the specified customer.  From there, I click "+New Invoice"  It takes me to the Invoice screen, but does NOT populate the customer info.

     There is an option to click "Select" next to company name, within the new invoice screen.  I click it.  It brings up the list of customers.  I click my customers name.  Nothing happens. Click Click Click, nothing.  Inside THAT window is yet another button to "+New Customer" So I click that and enter all the information.  It then populates the invoice and I can continue.

     Whats even more strange, if I go to the new customer added from previous example, it will populate the invoice and work fine right from the Customer info screen.  It seems to only be broken with the Imported data.

I have NOT modified anything other than added (Importing) my client information.

     I've tried to be as descriptive as possible, sorry if it was a little overkill...

     Thanks for any advice