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"System date" foul up - how do I get back?

Question asked by TheTid on Feb 8, 2011
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"System date" foul up - how do I get back?


Please have patience - this is a long question! Smile

A long while ago i followed a tutorial in Apple Discussions to display HH:MM:SS in the date and time display on my Mac. This involved customising the standard OS X date & time parameters. And it worked fine.

Some while later I opened one of my FM Pro databases and got the message "The System date and time settings have changed. Do you wish to use the System date and time settings?" I did not connect the two events, I thought it was simply a glitch, and I thought "Of COURSE I want to use the System date and time settings! Why wouldn't I?" Innocent. This re-occurred on each database, and I always answered "OK".

Some time after that, I began to notice something odd. Whenever I had to input a date field, I input it the way I always had, but it came back with an error "The date must be a valid date and must look something like 12/31/1999". "Uh?Surprised I thought. "I live in the UK, my system settings are all UK, the date is displayed UK-style, why am I suddenly being forced into the (what I think of as) illogical American system?" There was no way around this. Nothing I could do in Define Fields (Options), Field Format, or anything, would change it. I think I eventually managed to change one of the fields (I can't remember how) so that it DISPLAYED as a proper UK date, but t still needed to be INPUT as a US format date. 

You cannot imagine how irritated this has made me. Frown I live in England, my system is set up for UK settings, I don't WANT to see all my dates displayed the US way. But it took me a long time to understand WHY it had happened. You see, although my System date has always been displayed the UK way, when i followed that Apple tutorial and customised to show HH:MM:SS, although it still displayed the date as UK (nothing had changed in that regard), apparently the base setting of that customisation was - at some low level - seen as US not UK, even though UK was what was displayed. I never knew this at the time and it took a LONG time to track it down.

Now it's too late. Even if I abandoned my HH:MM:SS display, I suspect on its own that would not restore my old FM date format settings.  Cry So here, finally, is my question : 

what can I do to get UK dates back into all my FM databases? Is there a script that would do the job? 

What about inputting dates in the future? Any solution would have to work at the DISPLAY level AND at the DATA INPUT level.

(One final thing - I'm running FM Pro 6, but I've been tempted by the special offer for FM Pro 11 and may upgrade in the next few months).