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"Table missing" - very confused!

Question asked by user14360 on Oct 3, 2009
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"Table missing" - very confused!


Hi all,


I'm new to Filemaker and trying to get my head around creating related tables to do calculations with.


I got as far as creating two different tables - one with data of sales amounts for different customers on a weekly basis for a quarter, and then another table documenting the rolling total of those sales as the weeks go by.  The "rolling total" table entries were calculations based on the entries in the "sales amounts" table.  It was all working fine until I started creating a new table for a different purpose, and was playing around with the settings, and Iseem to have done something to make the "rolling total" table go missing. When I click on the "rolling total" table in one of my layout options, every cell has the text "<table missing>".  However, when I go to manage database, the "rolling total" table still appears in the list there as being present, with the correct number of fields and records, and the fields tab shows the correct calculations still all set up.  Also, when I go into another layout mode I had saved, which draws on the data from the "rolling total" table, the data IS there.


Does anyone have any advice about where I can find that table, or what settings I might have toggled to make it think the data isn't there?