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      I am a new user (as per my screen name) and would like the following help:


      I am creating a master database of contact names and would like to do the follwoing:


      "Tag" several names - e.g., Committee Members so I can print out or send an email to the group (as in the case of a distribution list in Outlook)


      Also, I would like to insert several documents under each name but after inserting the first document, and when trying to insert the second document, it replaces the first instead of adding a second document.


      Finally, it there a FMP solution (template) that would work best for this or do I have to customize it.


      Thanks for your help!

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          Your questions are very general with no information on what tables, layouts and relationships you have. I can only make general responses back.


          You can "tag" records in one of two ways:

          1. Store a "tag" value in a field that  is part of each selected record. This can be as simple as clicking a check box formatted field.
          2. Store a list of ID values, separated by carriage returns in global or related field. This is more complex, but sometimes is easier to keep up to date, especially in networked databases.

          To insert multiple documents in container fields, create a related table of records and insert a document, or a reference to the document in each record.