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    "View as a Table"



      "View as a Table"


      When I switch my results to 'View as a Table' the results are not listed as I would want them. Is there a way to rearrange the how the results are formated in "view as a table"?

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          Hi Nathan,

          When viewing as form and then switching to table, the fields will appear in the stacking order (order they are placed upon the layout).  You will lose functionality, such as, buttons will not work (although you can use script triggers instead) and portals and tab panels will not work.  All font formatting that existed when being displayed as Form will remain, there are no options depending upon view type.

          It is best to create different layouts for each view type and you can place buttons at the top which script switching layouts.

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            Why do you want a Table view?  I feel that function is only there for stick-in-the-mud accountants who can only read something if it looks very like a spreadsheet.

            I would create a list view report and have complete control of layout, format, and function.