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"Volume Licensed" -- what happens at expiration?

Question asked by TerryJemison on Aug 19, 2014
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"Volume Licensed" -- what happens at expiration?


     A couple years ago, I installed v.12 FileMaker Pro with the serial number that came with our federal office's license package, which included a server program in addition to the one put on individual CPUs like mine.  The guy who ordered it has retired, so some of this is a mystery to me.  The license must have been renewed last year for another year, and that's just about up -- I don't know what will happen with the bureaucracy about renewal -- we have new people, some have never heard of Filemaker, people generally aren't using it so much anymore to track office workload.

     I imagine the server that I configured (running in a distant state) will stop operating in two weeks.  My question is about what will happen to the local program on my computer... will that expire too?  Under "About Filemaker Pro" at "Info" it shows no license key, just says "volume licensed" as I had used the same s/n that came with the server.  What exactly happens on the user CPU when the license expires, program just doesn't launch?