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    % Percent taken from total (9% of Total)



      % Percent taken from total (9% of Total)


      I can't get this to come out right.

      Table - Trans_OE

      Field - RMK_OWNER_EbayCm_Sum < Summary field

      Field - Remarketing_Fees < This is the percent field (.9)  is 9%


      I can't get the formulas right, can you help

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          Percent computes a fraction of a total.

          If Remarketing_Fees stores 9% as the decimal value: 0.09,

          Then Remarketing_Fees * RMK_OWNER_EbayCm_Sum

          will compute 9% of the value returned by the summary field. BUT the current records in your found set will determine what value is returned as the sum as the summary field will return a total computed from all records in the current found set.