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'Copy' script step not copying?

Question asked by disabled_JustinClose on Jan 2, 2013
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'Copy' script step not copying?


     Hey all,

        I am trying to use a field's 'Button setup' feature to allow the user to copy the field's contents to the clipboard so they can paste it out somewhere else.  (This is a field that I don't want to enable direct editing of, so have turned it off in browse mode.)

     So I change the button funtion, pick Copy, select all contents, give it the target field (so that it doesn't copy the whole record), and then try a cmd-v somewhere else, but it hasn't copied anything new; whatever was previously in my system clipboard is still there.

     The reference guide description for this script step is pretty sparse and doesn't indicate any restrictions.  Should it really be as simple as I have set up?  What have I missed, what am I doing wrong?  :)