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    'filter' a field prior to 'sum'



      'filter' a field prior to 'sum'


      I have a particular 'parent to child' relationship in a solution. It is useful in the child to have products that are delivered by various routes together. However, I want to present  in the parent a sum of product compositions by their separate route of delivery.

      I had thought to do this by having a separate route calculation fields in the parent. Use 'Sum' to total the values is easy. But how to 'filter' by route and get a sum?

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          "Sum If" questions are common in this forum. 

          There are several ways to do that in FileMaker:

          You can set up a series of relationships using an added match field that matches only to child records of a specific route. Now sum can sum just the subset you want. 

          A summary field defined in the child table can be placed in a one row filtered portal. The portal filter specifies the route. 

          And unstored calculation fields can use the executeSQL function to compute these subtotals.