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    'flashing' windows...



      'flashing' windows...


      Hi - using FMP on macs - mix of 8.5,9 and 11

      We run a (small) performance space with tickets being sold through an online ticketing application, from which we can only export sales data / patron names into Excel, so in order to add these new names into our main database, I've put together a script that we run once a month, after having exported data to a specific excel file, which sets up a series of variables from import data, checks to see if the patron already exists, if not 'pushes' the data into a new record on main database.

      My problem is - script works fine, but the layouts 'flash' - how can I edit it so that the operator doesn't see what's going on in the background - with layouts coming and going?

      screenshot of the script, with most of the Set Variable and Set Fields edited out, just including the logic. (ignore red highlights)

      any help appreciated


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          Do you see an improvement if you move Freeze Window up so that it is the very first step in this script?

          Show All Records in lines 5 and 11 aren't needed, but shouldn't be a factor in the "screen flashing" you report here.

          Do you see the same flashing when you use the latest release of Filemaker (11v3)?

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            Thanks Phil

            I haven't had run it again yet - due for July 1, but will let you know :)


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              Also, check the layouts your script visits for any layout based script triggers. If you have a trigger like OnRecordLoad or OnLayoutEnter on one of these layouts, your script could be tripping that script trigger and its script could include a refresh window or other step that is causing your window flash.

              One easy way to check to see if script triggers are interfering is to use FileMaker advanced's script debugger to watch the script execute step by step.