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'flashing' windows...

Question asked by symbister on Jun 23, 2011
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'flashing' windows...


Hi - using FMP on macs - mix of 8.5,9 and 11

We run a (small) performance space with tickets being sold through an online ticketing application, from which we can only export sales data / patron names into Excel, so in order to add these new names into our main database, I've put together a script that we run once a month, after having exported data to a specific excel file, which sets up a series of variables from import data, checks to see if the patron already exists, if not 'pushes' the data into a new record on main database.

My problem is - script works fine, but the layouts 'flash' - how can I edit it so that the operator doesn't see what's going on in the background - with layouts coming and going?

screenshot of the script, with most of the Set Variable and Set Fields edited out, just including the logic. (ignore red highlights)

any help appreciated