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    'Funny' Lookup function issue



      'Funny' Lookup function issue


      Hello all,

      I'm consolidating a project with several FMP files with in each file just one table (Situation A), to one FMP file (Situation B). Strange thing is that the Lookup function does not seem to work no more.

      Table X has a relationship with Table Y and is connected through a serial number. In situation A, when I change the serial number in table X, the corresponding value in table Y is automatically looked up and placed in the corresponding row in table X.

      In Situation B, the automatic lookup is not working. I have re-established the relationship, confirmed it is working by creating a drop-downlist for table X with the values used from table Y. The lookup just does not work. When I create a testfile with a similar situation (but there was no need to consolidate anything) the lookup just works as expected. Any suggestions please?

      Thanks in advance!


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          You'll need to examine two things:

          The relationship on which the looked up value setting is based and the settings specified in the Looked up value field option to see what isn't set up correctly.

          When checking the relationship, make sure that the table occurrence referenced in the looked up value setting refers to the correct data source table. Since you've been moving table from one file to another, it's possible that the wrong data source table is being referenced.

          Likewise, you may find that your auto-enter settings on the field no longer point to the correct table occurrence after merging the tables, so you'll need to check them also.

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            Hi Phil,

            Good to hear from you. You got it! It was a problem in the relationship between the table occurences. I 'simplified' the relationships between tables and apparently I did it wrong. I reconstructed the relationships like the original file and now things are working again. (I still like to simplify things when I've got time, but I'm fighting this dead line so cosmetic things are to be done later)

            Thanks for helping me out!


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              A Helpful design hint you may already be using:

              Save frequent copies of your work and keep the separate copies. Then, if you make a change that you later deside to discard, you have the option of reverting back to a previous copy (or importing/copying elements of it into a new version) instead of trying to remember and recreate what you had previously.

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                That is a hint I am aware of, but practice not often enough. Thanks for the reminder!

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                  Same for me. I've been toying with using Install OnTimer to save hourly copies of a file under developement with data from the current timestamp appended to the filename so that I have automatic hourly backup copies on file.