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'Funny' Lookup function issue

Question asked by Corné on Jul 6, 2011
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'Funny' Lookup function issue


Hello all,

I'm consolidating a project with several FMP files with in each file just one table (Situation A), to one FMP file (Situation B). Strange thing is that the Lookup function does not seem to work no more.

Table X has a relationship with Table Y and is connected through a serial number. In situation A, when I change the serial number in table X, the corresponding value in table Y is automatically looked up and placed in the corresponding row in table X.

In Situation B, the automatic lookup is not working. I have re-established the relationship, confirmed it is working by creating a drop-downlist for table X with the values used from table Y. The lookup just does not work. When I create a testfile with a similar situation (but there was no need to consolidate anything) the lookup just works as expected. Any suggestions please?

Thanks in advance!