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'Hyperlink to file' in text (research database)

Question asked by oli_1 on Jan 15, 2010
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'Hyperlink to file' in text (research database)


Hi everybody


I'd like to create a research database on projects in different countries. Each project is a record and the text field 'summary' contains a summary of the gathered information. Now I would like to cite my sources (mainly PDFs with highlighted text, which are stored locally in a folder) by a clickable hyperlink WITHIN my summary text. So I could directly open my cited source-file. (As it is possible in a text editor file as Word or Pages). Any ideas?


I'm neither looking for a solution as buttons which open defined files, nor a field for each source which contains the file name and could be opend be 'send event' or so. The only 'hyperlink in text' solution I know so far comes from FMbutler ( but only works to open related records in a FM table and not external files.


Ideas would be much appreciated!


(I'm using FM 10 on OSX)