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'Limited...' Custom Record Privileges  fails to work

Question asked by DonStimson on Feb 25, 2013
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'Limited...' Custom Record Privileges  fails to work


     Hi All,

     I'm new to FileMaker, coming from a MS Access background with some VBA script experience.  I really like the idea that you can set up limited custom record privileges, but I'm really confused as to how to make them work.  (FYI - I'm working with FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced for Windows.)

     Here's my logic.  I'm working with a table called Trial which has two fields: D_Copyright (Date) and D_Set (Number).  At the beginning of the database, D_Copyright is blank and D_Set = 0.  When the database is open for the first time, D_Copyright is assigned the current date and D_Set is set to 1.

     So, my idea was that if I set the "Edit"  privilege for the Trial table to "limited..." and put the formula "D_Set = 0" under the area "Records can be edited when"...  This would allow me to put the current date in D_Copyright since D_Set is 0, but then through a script set D_Set to 1.

     After doing so, I would expect the Trial table to be locked.  But, to my surprise, I can still edit either field.  What am I doing wrong?