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'linked' Value list question

Question asked by hil400 on Jan 26, 2010
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'linked' Value list question


Using Filemaker 10 on Mac...... In a school setting...... I have a CLASS field (text) with class names listed in a value field (popup) (101, 102, 103 etc). I've made value lists for each class with student names that for each class the names of the students popup for easy selection. I have a STUDENT NAME field (text) .... but it can only be linked to one class's value list at a time....

Is there a way where... for example..... clicking into the Student Name field would give a choice of which value list for classes to choose THEN get the popup for the student names in the selected class?


My expereince with FMPro is limited to older flat file versions..... trying to grasp the relational end... it's an ugh for now


Any help appreciated