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'open file' script step

Question asked by TomPingel on Mar 25, 2013
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'open file' script step


     Is it possible to pass a parameter to an 'open file' script step?

     I have a shared database solution that is being deployed to different customers, each with their own local network. The solution database is not shared across networks. Each local network is its own world.

     I want to place an icon on the client computer desktops that the user can click to launch their instance of the shared solution remotely without having to do anything but click the icon.

     The file must be 'specified' in the 'Open File' script step if the user just clicks the icon to launch the solution.

     I could program and maintain the launching program for each of my customers but I'd rather have a solution that can be 'trained' on it's first use on the client computer by executing the 'open file' script without the file being specified, capturing the file path, and then on subsequent uses of the launching program passing that path to the 'open file' script step as the 'specified file'.

     It's not acceptable to have the customer modify the script once the solution is deployed to their network. They don't know - shouldn't need to know - how to 'do things' in FileMaker. The rest of the solution is entirely scripted through user interface.

     If this makes sense, how would I - or can I - script this to 'train' the client computer's launching file to open remotely the shared solution?