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'record being modified in another layout'

Question asked by TomPingel on Mar 6, 2015
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'record being modified in another layout'


I like to use 'popup' windows to gather options for creating reports etc. When the user 'closes' the window everything is ok. But when they just click into the background layout, the window remains open. Occasionally they'll get the 'record being modified.....' message which I'm guessing is caused by the cursor being left in a field on the popup that the solution is trying to modify for the report.

When the popup is left by just clicking into the background layout, is there a way to cause the popup to close (there doesn't seem to a script trigger for that). Or is there some way to lock onto the 'popup' so the only way to leave is by a 'proper' close/exit (e.g., a button)?  Ideally it would be something like the 'show message' script step popup that forces a response before the script can proceed.