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    'Self-Join' relationship



      'Self-Join' relationship


      Hi all

      I have created a self-join relationship using the same field in both TOC's to create the (=) relationship. This is to enable me to check for uniqueness of a field using

        Count TOC::Field) > 

      The problem is that only the first line in the field is being taken into consideration. If a carriage return is entered into the field, any text following is ignored.

      Does anybody know why this is the case?

      Thanks in advance



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          Into which field? the key field used to define the self join? It isn't actually being ignored, but the return does affect how FileMaker matches records in a relationship.

          If you have these two values separated by a return in a relationship:


          It will match any record in the related table that has either Apple OR Orange in the match field--which is why the second value appears to be ignored in your case. You may need either a calculation field or text field with auto-entered calculation that uses substitute to replace the return with a different character so that the entire field contents (up to 100 characters, I think) will be used to match values. You'd use this new field as the match field instead of the one you are currently using.

          Substitute ( YourField ; ¶ ; ", " )

          Is one possible way to do that.