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    'Summary total'



      'Summary total'


           I'd like a running total in a field in a  portal. However, I'd like to limit it to only the related records in that portal. Does that exclude using a 'summary' type field and need to use a calculation type?

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               Isn't your portal already related records, from the parent record on the layout? If so, create a summary field based on the field you want a running total, and put it in (on) the portal

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                 You are right. However, I've 3 fields in my portal. 1 field sets the time, no. 2 records the time elapsed. Both these fields are in descending order in the portal so that the latest is at the top. However, the 3rd 'Summary' field appears in the opposite order. That's why i thought the summary wasn't working as expected and I don't understand how 1 field can be sorted in the opposite order to the others.

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                   A field cannot be sorted in opposite order. It's not possible. But your summary field may not be evaluating as expected. How is it defined?