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    'Summary' field in portal. Is It Possible?



      'Summary' field in portal. Is It Possible?


      Hi I'm working on a Project Management Database. I have a portal (using the layout - time_line items), which prints an invoice for the Main Client. The timeline_items list stores each SubClient (Department) and Job no and also info (time, costing, comments etc). Each input has a timeline_ID and Date for searching and allocating the invoice_No. 

      I've been trying to find a solution to summarise the SubClient (Departments), and Job no., and SubTotal fields in the Portal, so they are not repeated time and time again ( as a result of the timeline_ID and portal to the time_line list layout), thus making a neater report/invoice for the client. I've explored options but I'm starting to feel it's not possible? Does anyone have any ideas/solutions?