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'Unknown problem -1' with 'Send Email' script step

Question asked by TomPingel on Feb 25, 2011
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'Unknown problem -1' with 'Send Email' script step


I'm an FM11 Advanced developer. I distribute runtime solutions for my products. Solutions now on FM11 that have been working for years now are getting 'Unknown Error -1' when executing the 'send email' script step (that doesn't offer much insight as to the cause of the problem).

It appears that this is happening after they do an update either to their Windows OS (Most if not all are Windows 7 users) or their email client (e.g., latest user had switched to Live Mail a while back - no problems. But they installed an update to Live Mail and they are now getting the problem).

In some cases users have backed out to Outlook Express and been able to continue. But others have done that and it still doesn't solve the problem.

Am I the only developer experiencing 'Unknown error -1' issues with their users trying to use the solution to send email? Does Filemaker know of a problem with 'Send email'. I am aware that Filemaker only supports specific email clients, but I thought Outlook was one of them and would hope that 'Live Mail' would be another.