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    (HELP) FM Search and Autofill related fields on other tables (HELP)


      (HELP) FM Search and Autofill related fields on other tables (HELP)


           Heyy guys.

           i have been trying to duplicate the search function of FM starting point for days now... i still do not know what i am doing wrong, i have edited there scripts, changed my relations, and did some much tests to see how i can get it working i cant name them all.

           I got the search to pull out related records as a list but when i am done it does not autofill the related tables/fields 

           if you do not know what i am talking about here is a few pictures...





           this is there Relation tables:


           and here is a few PDF of there scripts for this:


           and if you want to see it for yourself here is there project:


           or you can also download it for free at:



           So if you guys have any ideas, support, or really ANYTHING to help me that would be great