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(Hopefully) simple Portal (?) problem

Question asked by MikeKent-Davies on Jul 2, 2013
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(Hopefully) simple Portal (?) problem


     Hi folks,

     I've got a simple database with two tables.

     1. Song List - inc fields like ID, composer, title, duration etc

     2. Gig List - inc fields like venue, date etc.

     I'm trying to add songs from Song List table to the Gig list.

     I'm currently trying to use a portal which looks like it should do the job, but when I add a song on the portal it adds a new record of that song to the song list.  THis is no good because the song needs to have its original ID in the portal so we can find it in a gig.

     Am I doing this the right way; or should I try another approach?

     I've got add record in each table selected, and I've tried using a join table, but neither has worked.

     I've tried relationships between song iD and Gig ID, and also having gig ID in both tables, but no luck so far...