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(Left, Right) OUTER JOINS IN FM 12?

Question asked by disabled_morkus on May 5, 2012
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(Left, Right) OUTER JOINS IN FM 12?


Is there any way in FM 12 to do Left Outer Joins, for example?

Say I have a customer table joined to an orders table. I want to list all customers whether or not they have associated orders.


The FM join way as I've read about it is only an Inner join. Therefore, in the case I described above, I'd miss all the customers with no orders!


There has to be a good way around this, right?


Since this is now version ... 12 of the product, I'm guessing there's a good way to do something as basic as Outer Joins...


Is this a case where I'd have to write a script or does FM support Outer Joins like other databases do now?


Thanks in advance.


- m