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(more) Find Script help

Question asked by Svetlana on Mar 15, 2013
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(more) Find Script help



     I need help modifying a find script that I already have. I’m still quite new to this, so I apologize if what I’m asking for is improperly stated or unclear. I'm still getting the hang of everything, including the jargon. I’ll do my best.  

     The original find script I have (thanks to all the help from this forum!) finds all records whose Start Ship Date field value is the range of dates between the current date and 14 day in the future.

     This is the current script that I have:

     Go to Layout ["Log1" (Logistics)]
     Enter Find Mode []
     Set Field [Logistics::Start Ship Date; Get ( CurrentDate )  & "..."  & Get ( CurrentDate ) + 14]
     Set Error Capture [On]
     Perform Find []
     If [not Logistics::Start Ship Date   =   Get ( CurrentDate )  & "..."  & Get ( CurrentDate ) + 14 // no records were found ]
             Show Custom Dialog ["ERROR"; "No Records were found by this search."]
     End if


     In the modified script, the records found must have a Start Ship Date of ≤ 14 days from the current date- omitting records that have “Cancelled” or “Shipped” in the PO Status field. I’m having difficulty explaining the proper date range needed for the Start Ship Date field. When I say “≤  14 days from the current date,” I am also including dates that are in the past (in relation to the current date), as long as the PO Status for that record is NOT “Cancelled” or “Shipped.” I hope that makes sense.


     My own attempts at modifying this script haven’t worked, so I’d appreciate any help I can get.


     Thank you!