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(Relative) Newbie question on release management

Question asked by StefanSievert on Apr 6, 2011
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(Relative) Newbie question on release management



I have been learning FM for a while now to be able to help enhancing a solution my wife uses at her business. I am a very experienced IT person (since 1983, scary...Embarassed) and I am struggling with identifying a reliable way of implementing and testing changes to the solution and then roll them into the production version my wife uses daily; given the FM architecture.

Is there a best practice that should be followed that would allow not having to work in the live version? I am aware of a couple of suggestions relating to keeping layouts in separate files from the data and that makes things a bit easier. However, I still need to apply schema changes to the database once all testing has been succesfully completed and I don't see how to do that with minimal risk and other than manually.

I would appreciate the comments from more FM experienced folks out there. Pointers to documentation are perfectly fine, if there is a good source that I could go to and read up on.

Appreciate any and all input.

Thanks for your time!


PS: Yes, there will be backups before any change to be able to recover to a defined state, so that's not the answer I am looking for... ;-)