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    **please anyone?? filemaker pro 9



      **please anyone?? filemaker pro 9


      hi, new to site, if some one can look at my last thread(author 512high)re: sorting. went from filemaker 4.1 to "9". my old database is there, just want my client list to be in alphabetical order when i sort. *if i add a "new record", then sort, close the program, re-open....the most recent entry is there!(doesn't begin with the person's last name(examp. "abbis" should be first) member"jens" has been helpful, on his last reply, but no luck. can someone please read my "threads" and his replys, and see what i'm doing wrong?


      ps>happy new year

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          In the FMP Preferences > Document

          you can have a script run when the Database is opened that could sort in any manner. 

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            thank you for getting back to me. I am trying to understand evrything, etc. FYI> coming from 4.1, my consultant transferred my old ver.(database) to new(ver.9) everything is there, etc. on the older version, example: i select new record, fill it in, lets say, last name is "smith", i would sort, and right in front of me, it would go back to first alphabetical name, say "abbis".


            on new version, if i do new record, etc. complete it, sort, it still says"smith",  i close program, re-open and "smith" is still there!, i go to sort menu, etc. click on my field"customer", and zero.(by the way my old fields in sort records box, were carried over from old ver.) member"jens" has been helpful, but i can't seem to grasp it ! any help would be appreciated.(sorry i'm not great at this !) im sure its something easy

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              I just tried my old version 3.0 Filemaker to sort a file. Yes, when I sort, record number 1 becomes the current record. When I try the same thing in version 8, the current record stays the current record whilst the other records still sort around it.


              I don't think that there is any problem with your database, the new version just behaves a little differently! Is this a big problem for you? Can't you just go to record number 1 if that's where you want to be?


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                > the new version just behaves a little differently


                The reason is that from 7 you can have multiple windows opened, each one with its found set.


                So when the file is closed, no found set is memorised.


                512hight can solve his problem with a simple opener scrits that sort alphabetically the "name" field.

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                  That makes some sense I guess.


                  There are two threads on this topic. I have already given detailed instructions to create a script at **** help!! with filemaker pro9