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Question asked by Annette on Oct 4, 2012
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      Hi.  I'm not sure how to explain this but I will give it a go. 

     On my database I have a table which I call people.  It has names, telephones, addresses, etc.  It is basically to enter info for various people, staff, referrers, doctors etc.  It also has tick boxes for various things such as GP, Staff, Referrer. 

     There are drop down lists in various other parts of the database that reference this table.  Say a drop down to select a GP and it lists the names of only those that I have ticked the box GP for.  Another which gives only staff members, etc.  There is a button that if the person doesn't appear in the list it brings you to create new record in the people layout. 

     What I wanted to do was to create a layout specific to each category so that only the info that relates to that person is present but have it still show records from "people".  So create a table for GP that has name, address phone fields but the staff layout will have name, address, phone, staff #. 

     I would like to know this; is there a way so that if I click the button to add a new GP, it brings me to the layout I specified, adds the record to the people table but flags GP so that it appears in the lists in future rather than requiring the user to tick the box for GP?  Also, after the user adds a new record, should they then scroll through other records that are there can you have a layout only show GP's.  It's probably a script but I'm just not sure how to write the script so that it happens correctly.  I'm new to database creation so apologies if this is simple and I'm over-thinking it.