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.fmp12 increases size of .fp7 databases?

Question asked by cjcj01 on Apr 4, 2012
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.fmp12 increases size of .fp7 databases?


Hi, does anyone know how the structure of the database impacts filesize in .fmp12?

My reason is that I have a 'mobile' file which is distributed to users via GoZync and file size is critical to prep and distribute new files. As an .fp7 file, the database is 8Mb, but when I covert the file to .fmp12 the filesize jumps up to 18Mb.

If I strip out the data and save a clone of the database (with no records), the filesize as .fp7 is reduced to 3.4Mb, but if I convert the clone to .fmp12 the filesize jumps to 12.3Mb.

I have another database which is hosted on a server which is currently 73Mb.  On conversion to .fmp12 it gets pushed up to only 82Mb, so it's not a general double or tripling of file size.

If you create an empty database in Filemaker Pro 11 it comes out around 50 kb and an empty database in Filemaker 12 is 90kb.  So there is a general increase in file size based on the new format, but what I'm trying to understand is what are the causes of the increase in filesize in the new file structure and how I can reduce these if I want to upgrade the team to FM12?