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.GIF Animation In Container Field

Question asked by JShannon on Feb 18, 2010
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.GIF Animation In Container Field


Greetings, Everyone.


Using FM6 and Windows XP... I defined a container field. I then used a GIF animator software program to make a .gif file that contains 6 photos that scroll from one to the next every 5 seconds. When I then inserted this file into the container field, the photos scroll in about a half a second, instead of the 5 seconds I defined.


I thought maybe there was some multiple factor I wasn't considering, so I redid the animation so the photos would scroll every 50 seconds, thinking then maybe Filemaker would scroll them every 5 seconds.


Still no luck... photos still scroll in a half a second.


I remember doing something like this some years ago in FM3 and it worked fine.


Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks much in advance. I appreciate your help.