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    .tab to .txt



      .tab to .txt


      I can export .tab text files without a question. When I open the file in WordPad, it displays perfectly and if I save it as a .txt, the file, obviously remains the same but open and displays as it should in notepad. Question, is there a way to export the .tab file using the .txt extension as I am fairly certain the file types are identical but display differently in the two aformentioned apps. I need to do this to automate the export process. The export works without issue, it's the .tab to .txt item I need to do the export automatically.



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          Hmmm, perhaps if your script used Insert File to insert the tab file into a container and then used Export Field Contents to create a renamed copy of the file with .txt?

          It might be worth investigating the different File manipulation plug ins 3rd party developers have created. There might be a cleaner approach possible if you use one of them.