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    .wmv in a Container Field



      .wmv in a Container Field


      Does anyone know if I can put a .wmv into a container field? I don't think FileMaker Pro 9 supports .wmv files, but I don't to have to convert all of them to .avi or mpeg format!!!

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          Thank you for your post.


          On my Mac OS, I am able to import my .wmv files into a Container field as a file; not as a Quicktime movie.  I can then double-click on the file, and it launches my .wmv movie.


          On my Windows machine, I am able to put the .wmv file into the Container field as a file.  I have set the Object to be a .wmv file, so when I double-click the object, it launches Windows Medial player and plays the movie.



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            Hi EVMSNewbie,

            Thanks for posting!


            Unfortunately, the .wmv format won't play within your Container Field.  You can get a list of all supported media files by going to Help and searching for "Working with data in container fields."


            I do think that container fields supporting .wmv would be a great addition, and it may be beneficial if you submit a feature request here:



            I'd fill it out for you, but there is some information that is better suited for you to enter.



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            Edit: TSGal is spot on that you can put a .wmv file into a container field, it just won't play inside one :smileysad: :smileywink: