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    // in a script



      // in a script


      I have some script steps with a // in from of hte step.

      For instance:

      // If (blah blah blah)

      My Filemaker will not let me modify the fields on the steps with the // in front of them.

      What are these "//" and how to i modify those steps?

      Any clues!

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          In a calculation, it tells FileMaker to ignore it and all text to the right on that line. It enables you to insert a comment into your calculation.

          In many script examples posted here in the forum, we use that notation as a way to add a comment to the reader for something that isn't supposed to be used verbatim in the script.

          If [ Get (FoundCount ) = 0]
          // do steps for what you want to happen when no records were found
          End IF

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            From FMP Advanced help...

            If you are using FileMaker Pro Advanced, you can disable script steps for testing. To disable a script step, select it, then click Disable. To enable a script step, select it, then click Enable. Disabled script steps are preceded by “//”.

            Are you using Advanced?  Can you?  It looks like your script steps were disabled through a copy of Advanced.  When using an FMPAdvanced copy, click on the script step, then click "Enable".