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    1 record to show multiple of calculation result



      1 record to show multiple of calculation result


      What's the best way of showing all calculation results from related record(s)?

      I want to calculate a new'code' of FABRIC CODE + STYLE STYLE NUMBERS to create a new unique code of this specific jacket style of specific fabric. 

      I used repeating field, but this only shows the 1st FABRIC CODE listed on the portal.

      If anyone can suggest alternative way of achieving this please hlep me.

      Thank you.


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          How do you want that code to look?

          Using the above example, do you want:




          or some other format?

          Here's how to get the first version:

          StyleNo & Substitute ( List ( Fabric Code ) ; ¶ ; "" )

          And I'd probably use a related table of Fabric codes instead of the repeating field for better flexibility in working with this data. (List works much the same with a related table of records as it does with a repeating field.)

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            Thank you, Phil,

            Well, I'd like to achieve:



            Basically, beside of what I posted earlier,  I am trying to build a 'SPECIFICATION DATA' for each unique garment product (record) per Fabric, per colourway, per style.

            For an instance, a 2 button poloshirt style coded POLO1 is available in 2 different fabric

            - one is stripe (ST001), available in 2 colours: black & white stripe (col.79) / pink & green strype (col.35)

            - the other one is plain soild colou (PL022), available in 2 colours: Pink solid colour (col 25) / White solid colour (col 01).

            At the same time, other styles are available in these fabric / colours (ie: regular t-hsirts and long sleeve t-shirts etc..)

            For the POLO1 style, to specify the buttons for this specific style (Style + Fabric Code + Colour Code), I am struggling the best method to create the true vale / information.

            Styles contain the image of style and style no. 

            Fabric contains fabric codes and supplier / composition info

            Colour contains colour codes, Fabric codes, colour names.

            Specification contains all above including Fabric Code.

            What's the best way to link the Specification with ALL BOVE... 

            Thank you if anyone can give me advice.

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              I'd use related records of this information. Then, via the relationship, the same parent record can supply the same style code to each.

              In manufacturing, it's typical to set up these relationships:

              ProductSpecs----<BillOfMaterials>------MaterialSpecs    (---< means "one to many")

              The related BillofMaterials table, lists each type of material as well as quantiites needed to produce one Instance of the specified product. It functions as a join table as a given material might be used in the manufacture of any number of different products. In your case it would look like you need this structure: