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    1 Table, 1 Layout, 1 Question



      1 Table, 1 Layout, 1 Question



      I am a small time MS Access user trying to create a FMP database.

      I am learning step by step, slowly, and this is one of those steps.

      I need to make the layout shown in the screenshot.

      I have one table, tblStudents.

      I have three fields, fldStudentID (Key) and fldStudentNameFirst, fldStudentNameLast

      All I want to do is have the layout display the student details, and have a list or combo box on the righthand side from which I can pick the student to view.

      I can do this in Access by using a Wizard that guides me through, but I can't figure it out in FMP.

      I did try relating the table to itself, but the result of that is that I only saw one name in the listbox.

      Any help would be appreciated.




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          if you want to see a list of all students in the window on the right you need to set the relationship to be cartesian + rather than =

          go to manage databas, the relationship tab and click on the = between the two table occurences, change the = to an X.  then go to your layout and make sure your portal is using that relationship and it should show the list of all students.

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            Thank you, much appreciated.

            The list in the Portal window on the right now shows all the student records.

            I am now going to spend a few hours trying to figure out the next step.



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              There is a development of that relationship.  As your database grows you will doubtless have students leave.  You will want to mark them as 'Active = No', and will not want them to appear on the list.

              It would be common to have a ConstantYes field in the table, and have a self-join like:

              ConstantYes = Student_selfByConstantYes::ActiveYesNo

              then you will only ever see Active students in the list.

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                And in FileMaker 11, you can avoid the need for this field, by setting up a portal filter expression to exclude the inactive students...

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                  Thanks SB and PMJ,

                  I had already included the fldActive field, but excluded it from the question to keep the question as simple as possible.

                  However, your comments and suggestions are appreciated and received with thanks.

                  I have tried picking up knowledge by looking at the example databases that come with FMP, but I find them too similar and too complicated. Trying to pick apart all the Relationships, ValueLists, Portals, Scripts, Properties etc is a pain in the neck, especially since I don't know what I am looking for! A series of simpler databases that each demonstrated a specific technique would be much more useful for me. (I also tried reading two "Teach Yourself FMP" type books, but I don't get on with those either.)

                  So, its back to the grindstone again tonight, (I do FMP in my spare time, this is not my job).