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1 Table, 1 Layout, 1 Question

Question asked by BillyWilliams on Sep 11, 2011
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1 Table, 1 Layout, 1 Question



I am a small time MS Access user trying to create a FMP database.

I am learning step by step, slowly, and this is one of those steps.

I need to make the layout shown in the screenshot.

I have one table, tblStudents.

I have three fields, fldStudentID (Key) and fldStudentNameFirst, fldStudentNameLast

All I want to do is have the layout display the student details, and have a list or combo box on the righthand side from which I can pick the student to view.

I can do this in Access by using a Wizard that guides me through, but I can't figure it out in FMP.

I did try relating the table to itself, but the result of that is that I only saw one name in the listbox.

Any help would be appreciated.