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1 to Many Question - Case Study

Question asked by BrennenMccrae on Sep 23, 2011
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1 to Many Question - Case Study




Specs: FileMaker Pro 10 - On site Server


I am designing a tracking table on an ordering database.  My company orders printed materials from a 3rd party vendor.  The materials are shipped using a meeting number, which can be related to multiple order numbers.  The order numbers contain the package information and waybill numbers.


I am struggling with how to display multiple order numbers from a single meeting number, so that any Project Manager can review all of the related waybill numbers pertinant to a single meeting number.



  •  All data is located on a single database called "Production"
  • The "tracking information table" is a table on the database, with a unique identifier "Meeting Number" for all tables
  • 1 unique Meeting Number per session (courses)
  • 1 unique Order Number per order
  • Multiple Order Numbers per Meeting Number
  • Multiple WayBill Numbers per Order Number
  • Ability to display a list of WayBill Numbers that pertains to a single Meeting Number
If the case is missing information, I don't mind logical responses that might assist in the development.
Thank you very much,