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    100 Edit Fields on Layout



      100 Edit Fields on Layout


      Newbie here.... (Filemaker Pro 11)

      I want a single layout with 100 edit fields on it.  Next to each edit field I'll add a text field.

      [edit field 1]   Text 1    [edit field 2]  Text 2  [edit field 3]  Text 3



      [edit field 98]  Text 98    [edit field 99]  Text 99  [edit field 100]  Text 100

      Because FM  makes me tie every edit field (or any other entry field) to an underlying field in a table it seems like the only solution is to create a table with 100 fields.  I'm looking for a better way.

      Thanks in advance.

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          Or a related child table with 100 records (or as many as you want) per main record. The fields needed would be a minimum of:
          Parent ID

          FileMaker has the ability to show Portals as one-row portals. This allows you to arrange related records pretty much however you (tediously) want to on a layout; by resetting the starting at row [ ] option (usually it's [1] ).

          If you can have columns, then your work is easier. A few side-by-side portals, with "next" starting row [ ].

          If the portal's (it's really only 1 portal) relationship is set to [x] Allow creation of related records, then a child record will automatically be created upon typing into a "Value" field (I don't know whether you also want the "Label" field to be enterable; could be, but then the order is pretty much however entered, or sorted; but not really "fixed", as it could be if only you entered Label text.)

          Now this puts all data one relational step away from the parent record. Which is not very far, but makes searches somewhat slower. It would make calculations using the child fields considerable slower; not good for number crunching by any means.

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            Thanks Fenton.  I'll play around with that idea.

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              you may use Excel to create the table with 100 fields and import it in FM 11 to create the database