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    100% newbie



      100% newbie


           hi there,

           I have just been introduced to a Tessera database c/o arawak Database Solutions which has been developed (i think) on FileMaker Pro.

           Whenever I open the database a large number of forms (21 in total) pop up, including the enter password form... I am tired of having to close these forms manually, some appear to have no function at all... how do I stop this happening p[lease?



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               You'll need to have developer access to the file, then you'll need to take a copy of the file (so you can try again if you mess up), go to file options to see if you can determine what script is opening the extra windows and then you'd modify that script so that they are not opened in the first place. If this is a run time copy of FileMaker, you will not be able to make design changes such as this.