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    12 vs 13



      12 vs 13


      I moved up to FMP-13 from 12.  I thought I remembered in 12 when I designed a layout, that that setup when done in one of the views (like Table) was also duplicated in the other two views (Form and List).  I am creating a layout in Table view and when I switch to Form and List they are blank.  What preference button haven't I set?



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          That's been the standard behavior of a Table View since it was added as a new feature. Fields added to a "view" via the modify button do not actually add the fields to the layout. If you enter layout mode, however and use the field tool or field picker to add fields to the actual layout, they will then appear in table view unless you use the Modify button to omit the field from the view. (The little padlock icon next to a field in the dialogs that open from the Modify button show which fields are physically present on the underlying layout.)