AnsweredAssumed Answered breaks Applescript 'open' command

Question asked by VincentAngeloni on Oct 28, 2012
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Title breaks Applescript 'open' command


     This applescript worked just fine until I updated to FMPro Adv


tellapplication "FileMaker Pro Advanced"


   delay 5

   open alias "OS X:Users:vangelon:Documents:Filemaker files:Pword.fmp12" with passwords "blahblahblah" for Accounts "myaccount"




     The "open" line chokes saying "Apple event timed out" and it puts up the 'Open File' dialog in Filemaker. So it is not getting the file to open or putting in the account and password info in the background like it was supposed to.


     OSX 10.8.2, MacBook Pro late 2008