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1st time FM12 Adv user trying to create a WW2 Bomb group database

Question asked by b24mike on Aug 20, 2012
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1st time FM12 Adv user trying to create a WW2 Bomb group database


I am th eunit historian for the 445th Bomb Group, a B-24 unit that flew out of England during World War II.  I'm wanting to create a relational database that will allow me to lookup an individual and generate a report that will become a Personal Mission History of the missions he flew, the crew he flew with, the plane he flew in and the target that they bombed.

The data I have comes from the National Archives in College Park, MD and the Air Force Historical Research Agency.  I have the crew load lists which consists of the names and crew positions for each of the 280 missions flown.  Each load list also identifies the tail number and radio call letter of the plane each crew flew in that day.

The bomb group was comprised of 4 bomb squadrons; each with 16 assigned aircraft and approximately 20 crews (10 men to a crew).  Crews were assigned to a particular bomb group but may have been transferred to another squadron during their tour of duty.

I have Excel spreadsheets of the following:
1.  Aircraft assigned to the unit - make, model, block number, tail number, call letter, name, squadron assigned to, Missing Air Crew Report number (if shot down)
2.  Master Crew Roster - 4,500+ names (last, first, MI), rank, serial number, military specialty code (MOS), duty position
3.  Master Target List - all 280 missions flown with date, mission number, target city, country, target description, bomb load (per aircraft), bomb damage scoring, bombing altitude, # aircraft takeoff, # aircraft over target, # aircraft lost, flying time.
4.  I would like to be able to add a PDF file with the Tactical Mission Report for each mission.

I'm currently using a flat file Access database with tables for each of the four squadrons and the crews listed by the pilot they flew with.  I have queries written which allows me to enter an individual's name and find what missions he flew.  I then have to go to another set of queries to see each mission's crew listing.

If anyone has experience in setting up a similar structured database, all suggestions would be appreciated.  Direct contact to answer questions or provide more detail can be arranged by email contact at