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2 - Problems with subsubaries

Question asked by Kirk_1 on Nov 5, 2012
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2 - Problems with subsubaries


     Ive created a layout in list view that has a header, body and footer.

     I needed to create a report... most of the info was in this layout so i copied it, added the fields i needed and changed the body to a subsumary. The data does not show up... its there because the total fields in the footer calculate properly. if i switch it to a body again it show up.

     Why? How do i get it show the info when i change it to a subsumary?

     Next, i have a look up that i do in this same layout, based on a date. With my debugger, i can see that it puts the date in the correct field. I get the error that the look up can't be found.

     I can put the same date in the exact same way, in the look up field by hand and it works.

     What am i doing wrong?