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2 drop down lists, one for category and one for subcategory

Question asked by BobBrown on Sep 20, 2010
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2 drop down lists, one for category and one for subcategory


I'm trying to create two drop down list boxes.  The first will contain a list of categories.  The second, only subcategories to the category selected in the first list box.  Because the first field in each of these boxes is the key field for the category/subcategoy I'm also displaying a second field in each box that is a text field describing the category/subcategory.  Since each of the list boxes shows the number field after the selection has been made, I have added a text box from the related table that is used to populate the drop down lists to show the text description field for the category and subcategory.

In one sense, everything in the list boxes works as expected.  When I select the category, the related text field shows the correct choice.  When I make a selection in the subcategory drop down list, the correct selection shows in the subcategory text field.  The problem occurs if I go back and make a change to either drop down box.  A new choice in the category drop down makes the subcategory text field show the first of all subcategories related to that category and any attempt to make a new selection in the subcategory drop down list has no effect on the subcategory text field.

There are two tables in a one to many relationship that are used to store the list of categories and the related list of subcategories.

If there is a way to have the drop down list boxes show the text description of the category and subcategory while storing the numeral for the key field of each table that would work.

Thanks for your help in advance.