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2 fields related to each other

Question asked by Jubin on Sep 7, 2009
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2 fields related to each other


Dear reader,


                I have created 2 fields. The first is a Drop Down List displaying a list of houses (House1,House2,House3,.......etc.) Below that field, I have created a Furniture list field. This field should display the list of furnitures in these houses as Checkboxes (Sofa,AC,TV,.........etc.), so that I can check whichever is required. But the problem is : If I select a House, the second field should be accumulated with the furnitures in that "particular" house as "Checkboxes". 

                Any help will be highly appreciated.


N.B. I have created Value Lists of furnitures in House1,House2,House3,........etc., but I don't know how to inter-relate these 2 fields, such that when House1 is selected, the furniture list in that particular house is displayed as checkboxes.